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Postby hp4myt » Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:28 am

sorry!! Monday I unloaded everything and repaired the exhaust leak it had....just got done too late and yesterday I hosted a neighborhood meeting with a new natural gas coop that is comming in. Hopefully tonight will be back to normal and I can write and take some pictures! Oh, and thanks for the razzing :) I knew that was comming when I decided on buying a chevy/toyota....but I prefer to call it a choyota! :wink: And Karl, I have no plans for the tub...make me an offer for what you need. All of the skins are shot, but the tub is in good shape with no rust that I know of. The tailgate and hood are also in good shape. Anyway, I will get some pics up hopefully today, there are some problems with it that I am currently exploring....and my 347 may end up hooked to it before too long, so it can then become a tonco....I may have to do that just to get the name! 8)

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Postby Bill Weaver » Wed Jan 07, 2009 11:42 pm

Great just as long as you don't call it a TORD :shock:
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Postby hp4myt » Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:02 am

OK here's the scoop: it is a toyota chassis with all chevy one ton drivetrain. It has a chevy 350, 700r4 tranny, a np203/205 doubler, dana 60, and corporate 14 bolt. It is sporting (5) 38.5x14.50 tsl/sx tires and trail ready aluminum beadlocks. It came with a Warn HS 9500ti winch and a york compressor with air tank. The rear aluminum box doubles as a gas tank and storage area, which will really come in handy! Now for the bad: the motor is on its last legs. I can here a knock in it after I fixed the exhaust leak, but I am sourcing a motor for a good price as we speak. There is also something wrong in both transfer cases. I can hear a grind comming from the 205 out of the front output, and the 203 will not stay engaged in low range. I am hoping that the linkage is not setup right, since neither case should be bad based on their inherent strength, and surely both should fail at the same time! I will not know until I dig into them. It all needs to be gone over, finished up, and the details given attention. The interior has been mostly stripped with no heater or windshield wipers. It does hava set of doors, but no glass. I have also sourced all of this from a local guy that collects toyotas for a very reasonable price. The front suspension is using one ton leaf springs. These do not flex all that well! One of my first orders of business will be to link the front end and purchase coilovers or the new air units Howell was talking about. I also need to finish the back end by making a tire carrier and tubing the back end in to create a more finished look. So far I am happy with the purchase and glad that it only has a few items to take care of to get this to where I would like it to be. I'm a bit upset that the motor is junk, but I think that it is still worth it. I've considered putting my 347 in it, but I'd rather save it for my next project!
Rear suspension, this is a double wishbone setup...it use a trailer axle as the pivot, along with bushings to allow suspension travel. I really like the design, but will need to upgrade to air shocks or coilovers to maximize the travel.
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