Fall Crawl, Oct 15 & 16 2010

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Fall Crawl, Oct 15 & 16 2010

Postby R Smith » Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:37 pm

Sorry it took me so long to post.

Check out my youtube videos.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMPESLVd ... er&list=UL


I keep haveing close encounters with Laddle, but still have not formily met. My youngest son Andy saw his rig from the back and asked if it had a Bronco top not realizeing it was a Bronco.

The Fawl Crawl was a success. My boys Chuck and Andy and I arrived Thurs. about 5pm, set up camp eat ant drank beer around the camp fire, wheeled Fri & Sat, left Sunday morning.
Fri. A group of about 10 Broncos left the campground at 9am. My Bronco overheated on the climb to the top out of the Putney campground. It got to 250. Found out that that fuse socket for the new electric fan I installed melted and the fan was intermittent, so we wired direct to the battery. Later it over heated again and found that the fan would not go to high speed because the probe that sticks thru the radiator wasn’t getting hot enough. So we wired it to run at high speed as soon as you started the engine.
The group ran Rock Garden, Railbed and a trail the cimbs up to Helicopter Pad at the east end of the park. One of the Broncos broke a rear drive shaft and went back to camp early to make repairs. He ran with a more extreme group the next day. I got a little body damage on Railbed.
I was surprised to see a group from my local club (Maimi Valley 4 Wheelers) on the trail. I had no idea they would be there.
My Bronco still ran abit hot so that evening we removed the thermostat, This made all the difference the next day, only topping out at 230 on long hard climbs and runnig about 190 – 200 most of the time.
Sat. A lot of rigs showed up overnight and the trails got a little busy. Especially trail 20 between the intersection at the top of the Putney side and Rock Garden. We ran trail 15 that runs the ridge of the mountain to the west end of the park overlook. Theres a horse that hangs out up there and everybody feeds it.
Later that day our trail leader, Gary broke a front axle stub shaft, so I took over as trail leader. We headed back to the east end helicopter pad area and played a round. One fellow from Iowa broke his front drive shaft and had to be pulled up and another almost rolled on a long climb. He was caught by a small shrubby bush like tree. He had no wench and the hill was long that it was it was difficult to wench him from the top, so we got him straight with a comealong and some straps connected to another a small shrubby bush like tree.
The boys and I had a great time and are looking forward to going back.
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