Bronco Roundup 2011

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Bronco Roundup 2011

Postby broncomarc » Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:11 pm

My pics are here: ... temId=3255

Trail map is here:


Wed: Jason and I rolled into camp right after dark and set up camp. We reserved the camp site late so didn't get the usual area. We got site 29 this year which turned out to be a good location and was pretty big, so this might be our new spot.

Thur: We joined the 'difficult' group. Decided to save 'extreme' for later. We ran Boulder Trail, ran across Death Valley and down to the main road. It was all pretty easy with an occasional large rock to play on.

Next we ran ET. This is one of the tougher trails there mainly because of a large ledge. The extreme group was in front of us and most of them were skipping the ledge. Our trail guide made it, so I gave it a try and manage to get up it.

After ET I hadn't had enough so we went over and ran Corum. It was a lot of fun until we got to the large rock at the top. I didn't expect to make it, but I played on it a little. Jason tried it and got up on it far enough to sit on his skid plate and droop his front axle too far for his front driveshaft. The u-joint bound up and broke an ear off the driveshaft. We winched him forward and he ended up sitting on his rear driveshaft and put a pretty big kink in it. He pulled the front driveshaft and we headed back to camp.

Fri: Friday morning we skipped the trailrides and headed into town. Jason found a driveshaft shop and had them retube his rear shaft and replace the end on his front shaft. We dropped them off at 8 am and they had them done by 10:30! In the mean time we had some breakfast, picked up some parts at Autozone and picked up a chain to limit his front axle droop.

We got back to camp and were on the trails again by 2. I wanted to try a trail I hadn't run before so we ran U-Turn Hard. It turned out to be pretty easy. We came back down and headed for Pensyltuckian.

I still think this is the best trail there with constant 2 ft + boulders all the way up. There was one spot that was a tough ledge. I played on it a while and didn't make it. Jason played on it a while and at one point slipped off an landed on his bumper so hard his engine quit running and wouldn't fire back up. He popped the hood and we spotted that the airfilter/mass air sensor popped off. He put it back on and it fired back up. We went the rest of the way up and I got hung up 30 ft from the top. My rear ended bounced a little and broke the rear u-joint. (time for a 4 link?) I winched the rest of the way, pulled the shaft and headed back into camp.

I got my u-joint replaced, then ran over to the office to pick up the trophy that EJ shipped me. I went to fire the Bronco up again and it was dead. I left all my tools back at camp, so I had to get a tow back. I tracked it down to a bad ground connection from the battery to the frame. I found it because it was actually warm! I wonder if my driveshaft knocked it loose when the u-joint broke. I tightened it back up and it was running again.

They had a new event Friday night called the Turtle Race. It was a 70 ft run where the slowest time wins (without using brakes, linelocks or anything to slow you down). The winner was just over 3 minutes!

Sat: Saturday we ran with the Extreme group which included Karl Bradley and Shannon Shirk. We started on a part of Death Valley. It had a lot of challenging climbs and some rock flows. Karl was having trouble keeping his engine running right, so he went back to camp.

Next we ran ET again. I tried the ledge again, but someone had pulled the rock out of the ground that I had used the first time and it was a little tougher. My tranny started puking fluid so I gave up.

We ran Pensyltuckian next. I spotted a couple people up the ledge and found the right line, so I tried it again. This time I came up it pretty easily. Jason tried it and got into a spot where his front end was dropping to much. His limiting chain kept breaking links, so it wasn't doing it's job. We unlocked the front end and he backed off till he was back on the ground. We got to the top with no problem and Jason took off because he had to head home.

Next we ran Winch, which is just a short hill with a rock to get over. Next we headed to the back and ran Sissy, Nasty, Pucker and Camp 8. Pucker was the only tough one here. It was a pretty steep climb and had a big rock to get over or around. I went around it because it looked like it was more geared toward a longer wheelbase.

We headed back to camp and I put it on the trailer. The raffle was in a new format. This year they had a ticket tub for each item and you put your tickets in on the items you want. I think this format is even worse for those of us that don't buy tons of tickets. I bought 10 tickets and put them in on 4 items and of coarse left with nothing like usual. I don't think I'll be buying any tickets next time. It's just a waste unless you buy $100 worth of tickets.

Sun: Since I camped alone, I got up at the crack of dawn, loaded up and pulled out of camp by 6:20. Hope I didn't wake anyone. :-) Made it home by 2 pm.

This was my first run on my propane setup and I couldn't be happier. It ran perfect all weekend and I don't remember ever having to re-fire it on a trail because it died. I think I only used 2 1/2 tanks all weekend. I was a little worried about running out on the last day because I started with 1 1/2 tanks and it was a long day. I think I'm going to need to find a way to combine my 1/2 empty tanks.
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Postby j howell » Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:30 pm

sounds like i missed yet another good time.
so did you notice any drop in power going to Pro P? i hear that most notice a gain, and i have yet to hear a complaint about going to pain. but people dont normally like to tell you they made a mistake.

so why no tech challange? did they do the ramp? is the ramp history as well? how was the fishing? i kind of like the fishing for a chance to wind down.

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Postby broncomarc » Tue Jun 28, 2011 7:41 am

I forgot the best part. NO RAIN! The forecast called for thunderstorms every day, but we got none!

I did notice when I was climbing the the ledge on ET that I had my foot on the floor an not much was happening. I'm not sure it that's a propane issue or not. I don't think I'm getting full range on the butterflies, so that could be it. I'm also running a 2 barrel mixer. I'm planning on going to the 4 barrel mixer now to see if that helps.

Not sure why there was no tech challenge or rock challenge. I was disappointed on both. I was planning on running the upper class in the rock challenge this time. They did do the ramp. Shannon said he was asked at the last minute to run it. Not sure if that was because EJ wasn't there. I may need to work on my flex a little for next year and enter. I didn't make an official run, but I flexed up and it looked like I was around 1000. I would be in the lower class because I'm on leafs and radius arms. The winner of the lower class scored 1080.

Don't know about the fishing. Not my thing. You could enter the fishing competition with the kids next year. I think the winner had a 9" sun fish.
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Postby wpaeb » Tue Jun 28, 2011 2:37 pm

I had planed on leaving early Wednesday and never pulled out till 7:30am. When I was going through Berkley Springs the truck up and died (2008 GMC duramax) and would not restart. I called my buddy and waited 40 miniutes while trying to find out what happened for him to call back. In 15 minutes he had me back on the road. I pulled into camp an hour latter to check in. Our cabin wasn't ready yet so I went went up to the big tent to see if I could help with preparations and to unload my rig.

I ran moderate all days. My rig has a weak link and I planned on saving it till Saturday. I checked it Saturday morning and it was already tweaked.

Thursday we had 15 rigs + 2 trail guides( Todd and Zach). The day went well till we got to squealer! The long climb has washed out. While those who tried made it, 2 rigs broke D20 output shafts and 2 didn't try.

Friday moderate again with James as our guide we started toward Pinnacle and worked our way toward the other end. I did manage to play on a few rocks.

Saturday I was going to go on the staff ride but my truck wasn't up to it so I went in James group again. I idled most of the day in 2wd watching some beginners struggle here and there. Me ,Jerry, Bronco Dave, and a sammi were in the back just goofing off. I left the group a little early to get back to camp. On the way back my exhaust broke in front of the muffler. Knew I should have welded that before I left. I helped serve the evening meal, won a couple of the raffle prizes, and sat by the fire till 2.

Sunday I helped move stuff around then we loaded up and headed home. Got back to the garage around 5pm

It was good to talk to Marc again and meet Jason wish i had gotten to wheel with them.
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Saturday late night fire
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Postby broncorckcrwlr » Mon Jul 04, 2011 4:31 pm

Good writeup Marc. Thanks for posting pics. Looks like almost as many Heeps and Yotas as there were broncos? Glad you liked the propane. You may want to look into advancing your timing. Go to and look around. There is some helpful info there.
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