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AGR steering

Postby cesco » Wed May 14, 2008 9:12 am

I bought a complete AGR hydraulic assist steering system about 2 years ago. I sent them my box to have it rebuilt and drilled for the ram. after having it for about 3 months the pump literally came apart. the gears were all broken and the shaft came out of the pump. I called AGR about it and they wanted to sell me a new pump for $115!! I ended putting one on it that I had laying around. AGR said that I got it to hot and that is why it failed. I told him that I bought the cooler ($90) that he recommended so it should be covered under warranty. they wouldn't do anything for me.. I ended up trying to clean out the system the best that I could and running the old pump that i had for about a year until some of the metal from the first pump found it's way to the box and took out the seals....

so finally to the point of the story.... I called PSC yesterday and he told me to send him the box and will rebuild the box with new bearings and seals and check the porting flow for the ram for $80.... sell me a new pump that will make it turn easier that the AGR pump for $85... I am sending it out today.. I am going to give them a try and see how it holds up... I also noticed that they are offering a 2-1/2 turn box for the bronco's for $750.. I wished I would have did that instead of sending AGR $1100..
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