Dyno pull on my stang

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Dyno pull on my stang

Postby cesco » Fri Sep 12, 2008 7:37 am

I spent about 5 hours at a local Dyno shop on Tuesday. I am having some serious idle and part throttle issues that I am trying to work out.. I stroked my stock 302 to a 347. my car is a 1995, which I am finding out that they are harder to tune than the 93 and older, and the 96 and newer.... that's my luck. anyways I am running 3:73 in the rear with an AODE auto my numbers were a little disappointing.. my best run was 297hp 296ftlb torque.. I have been talking to the guy that was helping me try to tune it and we have a couple of things to change to try to get it to run better so hopefully that will bring my numbers up a little..
Does any one on here have any experience with the 94-95 mustang tunning issues?
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